Monday, September 30, 2013

New projects!

I started this cable front sweater about a week ago -
This is the back -
 And this is the beginning of the front -
This is the pattern picture -
From this magazine -
I could not find the pattern on Ravelry, sorry (I did look!).
The yarn I am using is Schaefer yarn bought at her outlet store. She said it was "one of a kind" (at the time maybe, she might have more now?) I bought all she had. It was not even labeled! It is very soft and I love the colors.
And here is the beginning of a berret -
with this yarn -
The pattern is "Urban Necessity Tam" by Colleen Michele Meagher, ravelry pattern - HERE


  1. Love the sweater pattern...and OOOOOO love the color.
    Love the blue tweed too.
    Can't wait till you finish them.