Monday, February 24, 2014

Project update

I am almost finished with my hoodie sweater vest.
Here I am doing my least favorite thing - sewing it up -
And  have started the armhole edging -
I have also finished the daughter's yoga socks -

And I have started this gorgeous hat with this gorgeous yarn for my niece! -

The yarn is 70% undyed baby alpacas (no baby alpacas were killed for this yarn, at least I hope not!) 
and 30% undyed Merino wool - it is so soft and gorgeous! I love it!

Here is whjat the hat will look like when finished (only prettier) -

Get the free pattern from Ravelry - HERE

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Projects (X4) update

My zipper sweater vest -

Back - done, Both fronts - done, now working on the hood.
Very nice pattern, easy to follow.

Just started Yoga socks for the daughter - Love this yarn! If it looks sparkly - it is!!!!

This is the pattern link - HERE
This is what they will look like when they are done -

Also just started an earflap hat, its so fluffy!!!!!! (what movie is that from?)

Here is the pattern - HERE
And this is what it will look like (only mine will be fluffier) -

And this is my pride and joy!
I told the hubs I wanted to knit an iPod purse so I can carry my iPod around my neck when listening to audio books and running around the house. I found a couple that I kinda liked but none perfect.
So once again - I made my own pattern! And yes I will post the pattern on here sometime in the next month. This one is more complicated so will be harder to write up.

 I put a pocket on the back for the earbuds! Gotta have those with you!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two-Way Boot Cuffs Pattern

This is my first time attempting to write out a formal pattern so if you have any questions just ask in the comments or email me - forevereading at gmail dot com.

I made these different on the top and bottom so you get a different look depending on which way you put them on. I also used variegated yarn so it would have the same effect. You can use a solid color if you want. But I like the look of having 2 different boot cuffs in one!

These are pictures with the smaller rib side up (you can see the cable pattern)-

 These are pics with the longer rib side up (the cable is hidden so it looks like it is just ribbed)-

 Also notice the color difference because I used a variegated yarn.

Pattern -

Two-Way Boot Cuffs (by Kneed 2 Knit)

Yarn - a heavier worsted or a light bulky (I used a fluffy worsted) - aprox. 150 - 200 yds depending on how long you make them.
Needles - Size 6 double pt. or use the long circular method like I did.

Cast on (loosely) 64
(for a bigger leg - 72, for a smaller leg - 56) and join to knit in the round.

Knit a 2X2 rib (knit 2, purl 2) for 5 rows.

1. - Knit in a 4X4 rib (K4, P4) for 5 rows.

2. - Do a 2X2 cable (place 2 stitches on a cable needle and hold to the back, knit 2 from the left needle, then knit the 2 from the cable needle), P4, 2X2 cable stitch, P4 all the way around.

Repeat these two sections until you have 4 sections of the 4X4 rib and 3 rows of the 2X2 cable. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXACT! You can add more if you want them a little longer.

Knit a 2X2 rib for 15 rows.

Bind off loosely and weave in tails.

You now have one side with a short rib and one side with a longer rib for a different look depending on which way you wear them.