Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Projects (X4) update

My zipper sweater vest -

Back - done, Both fronts - done, now working on the hood.
Very nice pattern, easy to follow.

Just started Yoga socks for the daughter - Love this yarn! If it looks sparkly - it is!!!!

This is the pattern link - HERE
This is what they will look like when they are done -

Also just started an earflap hat, its so fluffy!!!!!! (what movie is that from?)

Here is the pattern - HERE
And this is what it will look like (only mine will be fluffier) -

And this is my pride and joy!
I told the hubs I wanted to knit an iPod purse so I can carry my iPod around my neck when listening to audio books and running around the house. I found a couple that I kinda liked but none perfect.
So once again - I made my own pattern! And yes I will post the pattern on here sometime in the next month. This one is more complicated so will be harder to write up.

 I put a pocket on the back for the earbuds! Gotta have those with you!


  1. Movie...not a clue. What wa it?
    Your vest is coming along nicely. It always helps when the pattern is correct and easy to follow. Can't wait to see the finished vest with you wearing it! Can't say I'm in love with the yoga socks but to love the color your making them. Cute idea for your iPod! Are you going to put the pattern on Ravelry?

  2. You need to go to the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry and ask for test knitters for the iPod purse and then release it on Ravelry.