Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dec. projects update

Here are the socks I am working on with that gorgeous yarn!

Aren't these bootie slippers so adorable??? I will add wood buttons to the side.
They are called "Little Red Riding Slippers", even the name is cute.
This is not a difficult pattern, but it is not a beginner pattern either.
You can get it from The drops website - HERE
or from Ravelry - HERE

And I am making this hat for a friend of mine. It is knitting up so nice! I just love working with this yarn! Hmmm I don't know why these turned out orangy, it is a dark red. When it is finished I will try harder to get the true color.

This is one of the best patterns I have used for a hat!!! It is knitting up so nice!
If you have never done cables before and have always wanted to try, this is a great pattern to start with! It is a fairly simple straight forward pattern. And for those of you who are like me - it is pretty easy to alter! You can add or take away because there is a large section with just St. stitch knitting.
This is definitely the kind of pattern you would use over and over.

Get the pattern from Ravelry - HERE
or the Drops website - HERE

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  1. Love , Love , Love the boots pattern....they are so cute!
    And yes, the hat looks orange not red.