Monday, May 19, 2014

Moving and knitting

Well I don't have hardly any followers or viewers and I think most of you probably know by now that my husband and I are moving.
If you are a silent blog viewer and do not know this - My husband and I are moving! LOL

We have lived in this house in upstate NY for just over 18 yrs.
There is now a "for sale" sign in our yard!

Why? you might ask... The hubby has been working in PA for a large transportation company for about 4 yrs. He was "on the road" most of the time, on location, staying in motels. So it didn't really matter where we lived, he was never home anyway.
Recently he got a promotion and now has an office job (kind of a middle mang. position) so this means he is home every night in his apt in PA and I am home every night here in NY. It just doesn't make sense. So we decided it was time to finally make the move.
Hopefully by the end of summer we will be moving into our new home in central PA.

I have already started sorting and packing.
And believe it or not I have packed my yarn! Gasp! I know!

I did keep out enough for a few summer projects.
I am still working on my tank, which alone should take me the rest of the summer.

And I am once again working on this "sockie blankie" that I started forever ago! It is made out of all scrap sock yarn! Here is the link for the pattern - HERE

And I kept out needles and yarn for a pair of socks.

That should be enough to keep me busy before we move.
I will keep you updated.
And please - pray that we get an offer on our house soon!


  1. You will be a little closer to me! Glad you kept out some knitting would be so bored if you didn't. Your sweater look looks really nice. Love the sock blanket, so cute. What a great way to use up leftover yarn.
    You said you kept out needles and yarn for a pair of sicks......LOL

    1. Hahahaha sicks, thanks - I fixed it.

      Yeah instead of just getting rid of the little blobs of leftover yarn I am now collecting them!

      The bottom of the tank is going sloooow because of how its done. I think once I finish that part the rest will go quicker.

      And I would get bored because I have my reading! Although I packed most of my books too!